Our Trainers

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Betsy Kingsley Owner Balanced Body Studio

The Balanced Body Studio is a dream come true for Betsy.  After 20 + years of teaching fitness she is ready to bring her knowledge and passion for fitness to a new level.  Whether you are trainining for a specific event or your goals are just to get healthy or stay healthy she has the program for you.  Betsy is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Orthopedic Specialist, TRX Qualified, Certified BARRE instructor from BarSculpt and Barre Above.  In her spare time she plays competitive tennis, loves hiking, boating, skiing and fly fishing.  She lives in Cushing with her husband Scott and their dog Bruschi.

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Jacquie Chamberlain

Jacquie is a certified Level One Antigravity Instructor who fell in love with the practice where she could build strength, stretch her body ( and her limits) and rest all in one class.  As a former dancer and current yoga instructor, she understands the need to restore the muscles for overall well being while have fun at the same time.

After living in New York City for six years as an event producer she moved to the MidCoast to recharge and find something more for her life.  Inthose short months she found friends, community and a beautiful place that she could call home.  While she still plans events for restaurants in the area, teaching and working as a private chef has brought her joy by helping her clients build sustainable and healthy lives.  

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Brystle Noble

I'm originally a city girl form (mostly) Portland Maine and after moving to the Midcoast area quickly realized that small town life was for me and my adventurous nature.  The Americorps National Volunteer program is what brought me here- the amazing location and beautiful souls that make this magical community is what kept me here.  I've always had a natural interest in health and fitness and after having children and struggling to find the balance between parenting work and health I knew I needed to find my way back to the fit lifestyle I always wanted for myself and family.  So with determination, commitment and support from my friends, family and good trainers I was finally able to achieve that balance.  It wasn't easy, but with a lot of hard work I am proud to be in a better place today than yesterday and the process has given me unique perspective on the challenges of meeting your health and weight loss goals.  One of my favorite moments to witness is when someone achieves what they thought they could not .  My goal is to help others gain confidence- that sparkle in the eye when you've made the impossible possible.

In her spare time Brystle enjoyed spending as much time as she can wandering in the woods climbing rocks paddling and playing in the snow.  Brystle is also registered Maine Guide bringing people out for ocean adventures and mountain expeditions.  She currently lives in Thomaston with her two kiddos and is a certified cat lady:)

Credentials:  NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Biomeechanics Level 1 Corrective Exercise Integrative Corrective Exercise Specialist ACA Level 2 Standup Paddle board Instructor registered Maine Recreation and Sea Kayak Guide and Wilderness First Responder. 


Jennifer Crane

Jennifer was first introduced to Pilates as part of her rehabilitation plan after a running injury.  After seeing how Pilates was able to correct imbalances in her body realign and rejuvenate her she was inspired to share the work with others buy pursuing certification.  Jennifer received her first certification through Peak Pilates.  Desiring to deepen her understanding of the work she pursued further training through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Co. graduating from the Advanced Bridge Program.  As a Host Advisor for the The Pilates Center she continues to travel several times a year for workshops to better server her clients.  When not in the studio, Jennifer spends much of her time riding her horse, Dino and training as a Dressage rider.  She also enjoys hiking and trail running with her trusty Jack Russell, Baxter.