Sports & Personal Training


Personal Training

Working one on one with a trainer not only gives you that personal attention it allows you to achieve your goals in a more efficient, safe way.  Our trainers are highly qualified to give you the best programs.  Whether your goal is to train for a sport, come back from an injury, gain health, or simply just to feel better then personal training is for you.  

Sports Training

We offer training for sports such as tennis, golf, stand up paddle, hockey, soccer, skiing or dance.  Whether you are an elite athlete or getting back into it sports training is a must.  Training for sports allow you to be more agile, faster and stronger so you can play your sport to the max without causing injury.  




This pre season conditioning class is sure to get you ready for the slopes.  A combination of endurance cardio and strength gives you everything you need so you can enjoy your ski season.  This class combines TRX Training with Bosu stability to give you balance and strength.  A ski trainer is available to all that take this class so you can also work on those quick turns.    This class runs from late fall through the end of the year.